q&a with founder nigel buckie

What was your first proper job?


I worked with a planning consultant who taught me a lot about how to approach things. It was there I developed any flair for design and I was actively encouraged to great effect at the time.


Briefly, chart your career to date.


I have worked for a range of specialist architecture practices and some larger ones before going into private practice. All of the allowed me to gain a lot of experience while completing my studies, which was extremely demanding but in the end it was the best way to learn the business. I gradually developed my own design style and work principles and gathered the practical knowledge to start my architecture studio.


Would you say you live to work or work to live?


I'm definitely living for my creative work. I just wouldn't do it if it wasn't fulfilling and enjoyable. I don't see it as working when you get to transform a property in a positive way.


Describe your three main qualities.


Oh, that's a difficult one. I'd have to say focus, patience and resolve. You must never lose your cool even if everyone around you does. You are the leader of the team, so if you do then the team is off-balance and the project suffers. My clients also point out my ability to combine modern construction while preserving historical details on period buildings. I grew up in a family of antique dealers, so I know how to appreciate the history behind any object and the value of preservation.


Worst quality?


I can be stubborn, but then you need to if you are trying to build architecture.


If you could work in a completely different field of business, what would it be?


Well, I like product design and designing things that are not restricted to architecture. I also enjoy working on my vintage British motorbikes and my 1969 VW Beetle, so maybe something to do with restoration.


What are your aspirations for your business for the coming years?


To continue to be creative and perhaps upscale my project sizes with the same design intentions.


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