object jungle garden

The idea of this canopied jungle garden is to generate its own eco system and micro climate. Therefore the garden does change each year according to conditions.


In a way we are creating a glasshouse but without the enclosure of the glass. So to that end its something of an experiment each year.


This is not an exotic garden in the Victorian sense with deep flowering borders and highly manicured grass. There is no grass and the plants are all around you and not necessarily flowering.


Palms, Bananas, Bamboo and ferns make up the structure of this garden and are allowed to overlap and to form a canopy. There are also bonsai and potted herbs.


A mixture of plants form the underplanting. A bridge takes you over a koi pond to the rear part of the garden to secluded seating, making for a very soothing tranquil experience.


Depending on our availability, we often open our garden during the Summer for charity, to help with the Red Cross efforts. A private appointment can also be arranged.


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